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We are the Authorized Distributor and Dealer of Siemens Hearing Aids Devices in Ahmedabad. We are Hearing Aid Consultant in Ahmedabad. For Test and Consultation Contact Now
Shraddha Speech and Hearing is the Authorised Dealer of SONIC HEARING AIDS and Hearing care Centre in Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Anand.
Bimodal fitting is better in comparison to cochlear implant in one ear. For ideal hearing aids option come for a consultation to our clinic.
Various researches says bimodal fitting is better in comparison with cochlear implant in one ear .for ideal hearing aids for bimodal fitting come for a consultation to our clinic.
We are the authorised and certified reseller and dealer of Oticon Hearing Aids In Udaipur. For Hearing Aid Treatment and check up Call : +91 9680371167
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Speech Therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders. The approach used depends on the disorder. It may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech (oral-motor work), speech drills to improve clarity or sound production practice to improve articulation. As the name suggests, speech therapy deals with speech problems that an individual may encounter. However, the field of Speech Pathology doesn't only tackle speech, but also language and other communication problems that people may already have due to birth, or they acquired due to accidents or other misfortunes.
SHRADDHA SPEECH & HEARING CILNICS AHMEDABAD SIEMENS HEARINGA IDS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL VARIENTS AND ALL MODELS IN THIS MODELS NITRO MICON IS SUITABLE FOR SEVERE TO PROFOUND HEARING LOSS PATIENT In this model nitro micon is the ideal solution for pepole with severe to profound hearing loss. it offers more speech understanding. sound quality and wearing comfort to those who need it most. in addttion, nearly all models offer the unique combition of maximum amplification with wireless connectivity. by combining super power with sophisticated technology, nitri micon provides the options, functions and amplification that wearers who are dependent on their hearing aids need to stay connected to their world