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Best hearing clinics in ahmedabad
EMI facility available on Sonic innovation hearing aids in our clinics.
Insurance facility available on Sonic hearing aids in our clinics.
Hearing Aids available @ our clinics:Widex, Sonic Innovation, Audifon, Unitron, Phonak, Seimens, A& M, Resound,
exchange and upgrade facility available our clinics.
every types of hearing aids available our clinics.
Now Cross/Bicross BTE available only 46750/- with 4channel and 8band @ our clinics.
hearing aids available on EMI our clinics
Quantum2 E micro CIC:- 6channel and 6band, WDRC and linear, Adaptive directional microphone, SmartFocus, Automatic Adaptation manager, manual program up to 4, feedback manager, AntiShock , Tinnitus masker. MRP: 30000/- but now these hearing aid is available only in 25000/- our clinics